Yogagati School was born out of a deep love and dedication to the practice of yoga and meditation. We don’t consider yoga teaching as work. For us, it’s a way of life, an ongoing journey that never fails to invigorate, inspire and enlighten.

While we focus primarily on providing a comprehensive yoga teacher training, we also offer healing workshops and a range of holistic therapies delivered by seasoned specialists. Our instructors do what they do best, which is to help you discover your true self, motivate you to deepen your practice and knowledge of yoga and guide you to become an inspirational and dynamic yoga instructor. What you learn about yourself along the way is your own unique journey.

Patrycja, our founder, is supported by guest teachers and the Yogagati School team is a light-hearted, fun-loving group of yogis who refuse to take themselves too seriously. When it comes to our students learning, we are, however, very serious about offering a superior yoga teacher training course that instructs participants in the correct techniques, principles and approaches that will lead them on the path to competent yoga teaching. 

Held in beautiful, tranquil retreats across the southern islands of Thailand, our Yogagati School yoga teacher training will help you explore your teaching style, guiding you to find your own teaching voice and identity.  Contact us today to learn more.

Meet Our Teachers

Patrycja  – Yogagati School Founder and Lead Teacher

I fell in love with yoga when I started practicing as a remedy to combat stress. I had held a series of dead-end jobs that never seemed to work out when one day I had a bit of epiphany: working in an office was not for me! Or, as I preferred to describe it back then, “it simply sucked!” I felt burnt out and weighed down by living an unfulfilled life lacking in purpose. I desperately needed to find some peace. A trip to Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world, changed my life forever. It was on my first yoga teacher training course that I felt I had found my true calling. The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

Since that first fateful trip more than 10 years ago, I have taught in countless yoga studios and wellness centers across Europe, the Americas and South East Asia, including world renowned Aman Resorts and Six Senses spas. My teaching has extended to groups, private practices, specialized workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings.

Alongside my yoga teaching certification in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, I am also a qualified holistic therapist specializing in craniosacral therapy, kinesiology, rhythmic movements training and energy psychology. For any students interested in learning about energy healing, I also offer optional Reiki courses levels one and two. Recently, I’ve also discovered triathlon! As such, I’ve come to study the benefits yoga, meditation and breathing can have on athletic performance and now offer workshops in this area.

I founded Yogagati to help others find their own sense of belonging through yoga and yoga teaching. My commitment to you is to help you discover that special place of peace on your mat. 

What else do I bring to the table during the Yogagati teacher training program? An infectious smile, expertise, kick-ass sequencing, good vibes and free hugs.

Bipin – Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga Teacher

Having practiced yoga in childhood, our guest teacher Bipin returned to the mat in 2009 after a break in his late teens and early adulthood to explore higher education and working in his family business. Feeling imbalanced and driven by a desire to do something for society, Bipin retreated to an ashram and rediscovered his love of yoga. He has since been teaching 200hr and 300hr teacher training courses at Rishikul Yogshala in India. Focusing heavily on Ashtanga vinyasa, hatha yoga and teaching methodology, Bipin encourages students to be patient, and to focus and practice on one thing until they feel the release, and the joy, from the asana. The practice of yoga is, according to Bipin, a continuous life process and one that he is trying to save. Truly dedicated to yoga and its spiritual teachings, Yogagati School students will feel awakened by Bipin’s commitment to guiding them discover their true self. In his own words: “I am trying to save this tradition by creating myself in a way that will change others to save it for the next generation.”


Viktoria – Anatomy Specialist and Acro Yoga Teacher

Viktoria teaches our Anatomy Module on the training. She is a fully qualified Therapeutic Yoga Instructor (500 hrs) and is a team member at Agama Healing Center plus an AgamaYoga Teacher with additional expertise in Ayurveda, AcroYoga, as well as Massage Practitioner (Deep Tissue, Thai and Flying Thai Massage). She is also a certified InsideYoga and Nadi Healing Touch Teacher. Over the last 20 years, her journey has taken her through Christian, Shaman and Inca traditions, and finally brought her to the Yoga world. A very deep yearning to understand reality led her from a life as a scientist in pharmaceutical research to become immersed in a life amongst a beautiful team of yoga teachers, therapists, and meditation enthusiasts.

Akari and Davide – Yoga Philosophy, Kirtan and Breath work 

Known for their high spirit music and heartfelt transformative journeys, this musician yogi couple create the sacred space of devotional Kirtan and the Journey to Your Heart Ceremony to the deepest of your soul. Their life mission is to share the joy of open heart, freedom, love and gratitude. Akari, originally from Japan, is a Yoga Alliance registered instructor, a certified massage therapist, theta healer and a musician with decade of classical musical training. With her love for Hindu mythology, she is passionate with delivering the essence of Bhakti (love, devotion) and Jnana (truth, Self, oneness) into her teachings. She will share some insightful in depth philosophy lectures during the course. Davide is a certified Reberthing breath work facilitator, a water flow healing massage therapist, and a musician known for his great skills on handpan. His expertise lies in Buddhism traditions and meditation.

Nesh – Hatha, Yin and Mediation Yoga Teacher

As one of our guest yoga and meditation teachers, Nesh brings a combination of more than 17 years teaching experience in an academic setting and extensive training in yoga, Reiki, Qi gong, and meditation. Polish by birth, Nesh spent much of her early life in Africa and the USA but currently resides in South East Asia. Nesh founded the Yoga Keen brand and started a successful yoga studio in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. After this, in her words, she “never looked back”. A registered 500-hour Master Yoga and Meditation Teacher and an Official Worldwide Ambassador for Yoga Alliance International, Nesh received her formal training in Hatha yoga in India. Nesh’s passion for teaching and ‘living’ yoga on a daily basis makes her an incredibly passionate, and compassionate, teacher. 

Gangesha – Meditation, Pranayama and Yoga Philosophy Specialist

Students of the Yogagati School yoga teacher training program will benefit from Gangesha’s vast knowledge of yoga philosophy. Introduced to the field of spirituality at a young age, Gangesha received his teachings from the great Swami Rama, a yoga guru who dedicated his life to uplifting humanity. Gangesha, a Yoga Alliance experienced registered yoga teacher, is a master of meditation, Kundalini yoga and pranayama. He inspires students to tap into their Kundalini energy to reach higher realms and deepen their practice. A grounded soul and true nature lover, Gangesha brings to our classes a series of spiritual teachings that will stay with you longer after you have left your mat.