The Yoga Way to a Stress-Free Life

Stress-Free Life? Discover the Yoga Way

There are two common misconceptions surrounding yoga.  The first is that you can only do yoga if you chant, practice meditation and walk barefoot on the grass each morning. T second is that it is an excellent form of exercise for getting your body to bend in ways you never thought possible.  You might be relieved to hear that the truth is somewhere in between. Not only is yoga a great form of physical exercise it also comes with some pretty impressive, and proven, health benefits too, including helping you be more stress-free.  You can immerse yourself in all the traditions and belief systems associated with yoga. Or, you can also just enjoy your practice and as a helpful side effect experience some excellent stress-relieving benefits that will help you tackle the chaos of the modern world with a more zen-like calm.

Stress Busting the Body

First of all, yoga is an excellent way to bring about some relaxation to the body.  We tend to carry our daily stresses as manifestations within our muscular system.  Have you ever thought your shoulders or neck felt tight, or you find yourself suffering from a stress headache?  If we do not learn how to relax the body and be more stress-free, then we can find ourselves in the doctors waiting room seeking relief from the aches and pains.  Yoga is a free medicine that has no negative side effects but plenty of positive ones! Overall, a yoga session should leave you feeling quite relaxed. But certain poses are perfect for targeting a bit of body relaxation when needed.  For example – Balasana or Child Pose.  In this position, the body creates a calm, and the adrenal system is sent into a more chilled state.

Stress-Free: Empty the Mind of Stress

Another curse of modern living is the endless chatter in the brain.  We wake up in the night worrying about the day to come, we spend the day in a frantic state trying to get everything done, and before you know it, the mind is so stressed that breaking point seems to be looming.  Again, we need to allow the brain to relax and be still.  Meditation is an integral part of yoga and is specifically designed to empty the mind and replace the babble with a single point of focus.  If this sounds virtually impossible, do not fear.  Meditation is something that gets easier with practice. Even the shortest of sessions distracts the mind from the daily grind and help you be more stress-free.

Inhale the Good, Exhale the Bad

Yoga also teaches the principles of correct breathing.  Our lungs are capable of breathing in a much healthier, deeper way than the average person ever does.  Most people have shallow, fast breathing and this plays on the stress sensors of the body.  Convincing it that we are in danger – in short, we get stuck in fight or flight mode for years.  To combat this, we need to calm down and learn to breathe properly, deeply and slowly.  There are many breathing techniques in yoga, for example, alternate nostril breathing (Nadi Shodhana).

So are you convinced to try Yoga ? or maybe Pilates ? Read on for more info on Everything You need to know about  Yoga and Pilates 

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