Yoga for Couples

Yoga For Couples

If you’ve ever been to a yoga class, you will probably find the majority of lessons involves single people standing on their own yoga mat in front of a teacher. However, if you have a like-minded partner who is prepared to give you a try, it can be an incredible bonding experience for the two of you. Couples yoga is offered by many studios as a taught class, and it helps you master the basics.  However, if there is not a class near you have no fear, just setting aside time at home practicing yoga together can create intimacy and prevent the loving feelings from being lost.

Mirror Poses – Mimicking for Intimacy

One the best ways to start couples yoga if you’re slightly apprehensive or shy is, to begin with, some simple mirror poses. This involves the two of you doing the same pose at the same time while facing each other. These can be standing poses or seated poses, even laying side by side for floor work.

Some exercises are also performed back to back which although means you are not making eye contact, allows for your bodies to touch.  Practising breathing exercises sat back to back can also be a great way to build intimacy as you will be able to feel the other person as they breathe.

Supported Poses

As you gain in confidence, there are various couples yoga poses that we would class as supported yoga poses whereby one partner is assisting the other.  They are usually two poses that are combined because they work together, so both of you are still also practicing yoga and giving your bodies workout. One of you would start by taking up a pose, and then the other would join in. Sometimes resting their body weight against your partner or supporting an arm or leg for you to both get a maximum benefit from the pose. There are lots of fantastic couples demonstrating some complicated supported yoga poses online.

If you are going to allow your partner to support your body weight during a pose, this requires you to build trust in each other and confidence that you will not let each other fall. In turn, this adds to the partnership working feel of a relationship – depending on each other.

Helping the Other Person Achieve the Best Pose

In some schools of yoga props like yoga belts and bricks are used in order to deepen the stretch or aid a pose where the body is not quite ready to go there yet. A partner can replace these props and may involve supporting a leg or an arm or gently acting as a counterweight to pull your partner slightly forward in a forward bend. Always ensure that you are not hurting your partner by any of your actions and agree that you will stop immediately if one party is not comfortable.

Without a doubt, your partner yoga will enhance your relationship. It gives you time away from the daily grind just to enjoy being in each other’s company and exercising together

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