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To enhance and complement our 200-hour teacher training program, we also offer a series of holistic workshops and yoga retreat Thailand. These short courses are designed to help you heal your body, calm your mind and nurture your spirit. We currently offer the following Yogagati workshops and retreats:

Reiki Workshops

The Japanese word ‘Reiki’ can be simply translated to mean universal life force. It is used to as a healing technique to cleanse the energy, or ‘ki’ that flows through our bodies nourishing our organs and cells. Reiki is used to cleanse the energy pathways when they become blocked or disrupted, helping to heal the body, mind and spirit. This workshop will introduce you to the principles of Reiki and provides a foundation for practising Reiki on yourself and others.

Reiki: Level 1 

Learn about Reiki philosophies, Chakra anatomy and meditation. This level focuses heavily on learning to open up the energy channels in order to build a connection to the universal life force.

Reiki: Level 2

Following on from the foundation level, this workshop guides participants on a true path of healing from learning about the sacred Reiki symbols to exploring how to practice on others. A spiritually empowering workshop that will further enhance your healing ability.

yoga reteat thailand

 Breathing, yoga and meditation for athletes

More and more athletes are turning to yoga and meditation to improve their performance and unlock their potential. Led by Patrycja, Yogagati founder and aspiring triathlete, this workshop will guide you through specific asanas that encourage alignment, openness and strength as well as poses designed to help the body restore and recover. But athletic performance doesn’t just rely on physical health. If you have an interest in sports and athletics, this workshop will further demonstrate the positive impact mindfulness and breathing can have on your athletic performance.

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