Why I Want You to be Your Own Guru

Looking for a guru can be a life work, that, to be honest, is not something that needed to happen in the first place. So many people get tied up in seeking a guru and get brutally crushed when they find one.  Today I want to talk about gurus and their purpose.  This is a subject close to my heart as I have seen first hand with many dear friends what can go wrong with guru chasing.  I want to show you why you have everything you need inside to be your own guru.

What is a Guru

A guru is something that does not come with qualifications as such, many are self-styled, and sadly their motivation does not come from a desire to impart knowledge and share with others, it comes either from greed or superiority complex.

When you meet a guru, you may often be blown away by their strength and magnitude. It may leave you feeling small and insignificant, and that is not a road you want to travel. Before we go any further let me say that there are some fantastic gurus out there that can teach you a tremendous amount, and ask for nothing in return.

Can You Trust a Stranger?

Many of the gurus out there today have jumped on the trust associated with the word itself.  Much like people trust a doctor, people trust a guru. Sadly in many cases their raison d’être was not pure and honest, but it was to prey on those who were seeking something more. Yes, a guru may well know a lot about their field, but what are you seeking?  Having a figure on a pedestal is actually damaging to your own self-esteem. You are basically saying that you can never meet that expectation or be that good.  That is something I want to dismiss right now. You are that good; you may not just realise it yet. Sometimes we need to undertake a journey to find our place, our worth, but that does not mean handing your life to a guru and paying what they ask.

A guru is a person just like you, so it stands to reason that you already possess all the skills you need to become your own guru. That doesn’t mean you have to shut the world away, if fact far from it. You can learn a lot from other people but treat them as role models.

Seek role models who inspire you, but understand the differences. You are truly unique, and therefore no one can undertake your journey for you, or indeed tell you what you should do. What you need to do is already there, inside your soul. You just need to be brave enough to hear it and determined enough to act on it. No one can live your life better than you.  Inspiring people can help you see where you want to go and how to get there, but no one can do it for you. You have everything you need to seek the knowledge you need.

Be your own guru.

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