Ashlee McDonald

Lead Facilitator of the Innerstanding School of Yoga

Aloha! I’m Ashlee!
My mission in every training, retreat, and class I hold is to welcome everyone from all walks of life, yogis, nonyogis, beginners, and seasoned practitioners.  With me you will find a safe space and the tools needed to deepen the Innerstanding of self. 

My practices include yoga, mediation, reiki, pranayama, self care, mindfulness and a whole lot of dancing and fun! It’s always a practice, staying in the present and creating out of our truths.

Yes, I lead offerings but doesn’t mean I’m not the student. I’m constantly learning and my yoga practice is always shifting. I’m noticing that a very important piece of the yoga practice is staying in alignment with what feels good to you and your vibration.

Another one of my intentions is to offer a variety of modalities in the spaces I hold. Asana, yin, hatha, breath work, sound healing, reiki, energy work, self care workshops and more so that you can explore what aligns with you. There’s a lot of layers in the yoga/energy world, and personally I was overwhelmed when I first stepped into it. I studied and shifted into many practices until I created my own. It’s dedication to the self and to what feels good in your physical, emotional, spiritual body.

When you come into connection with me my purpose is to allow you to be you. Allow you to shift and move through anything and everything that you need to. Traumas, stories, pain, joy, learnings. I’m here to be a support and empowerment of your being.

I’m currently living on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Where I am teaching yoga class, sharing reiki and living everyday with grace and ease. I am grateful to be living on this beautiful island and I want to share the magic it carries with you!


Steele Seader

You are the architect of your own healing

To me Yoga embodies these words. I bow respectfully to these ancient teachings. Practicing for 10 years has been an evolution of depth of Self. My first experience with Yoga was introduced through a stress reduction class in college. I started a consistent practice when I was experiencing low back pain as it supported my body out of this pain. Coming across a flyer at the local co-op then changed the course of my life in meeting my teacher Greg Jahn. He led me toward my current path, where Yoga for me at this time is a moving meditation to feel into the depths of who we are. To shed light on the dark places igniting a life of love and freedom. We are spiritual beings in a physical body not a physical form experiencing spirituality. I received my RYT200 in 2016 in Bozeman MT. This led me to dive deeper into the intelligence of the body becoming a Massage Therapist soon after. My deepest passions are human connection, teaching, and fascial system intelligence of the human body. People have described me as unconventional, intuitive, and a teaching they haven’t experienced before. Life is an exploration of new ways of being, of living. I am here for the spiritual depths letting these practices support us, for we are all walking each other home.