Profitable Yoga? 12 Surefire Ways Yoga Teachers Can Make Money

Profitable Yoga? 12 Surefire Ways Yoga Teachers Can Make Money

12 surefire ways yoga teachers can make money

What is profitable yoga? In recent years, yoga has grown into a booming business. It’s no surprise that the demand for yoga teacher training courses has gone through the roof. While it’s wonderful that so many more people are discovering the joys of the mat. And many are going on to share that knowledge, it also means there’s going to be a lot more competition out there for those teaching spots. 

Does that mean that you can’t be a yoga teacher and make a living? Not at all. The industry has diversified massively, which simply means that you must do too. It’s unlikely you became a yoga teacher to get ridiculously rich.  But we’d bet our bottom dollar that you still want to turn your passion for yoga into a sustainable career. And be able to pocket some profits.

So how do you make the jump from yoga teacher to ‘yogipreneur’? Here are 12 ways to live your passion and still make money.

Profitable Yoga: Private clients

Teaching privately can be a bit of an art. But if you’re comfortable to do so, securing a few consistent and long-term private clients can really help build an income.

Profitable Yoga: Teach athletes

Athletes and sports teams have increasingly come to recognize the benefits of yoga. So securing such a teaching gig can be highly lucrative. Whether it’s an individual athlete or an entire basketball team, it’s more likely you’ll need to take your business to them rather than the other way round so get your sales pitch perfected.

Profitable Yoga: Live online classes

Today, thanks to the like of Skype, Facetime, and Google Hangouts there are so many ways to communicate instantaneously online. This means you can offer private yoga lessons without you, or the student, having to go anywhere. Maybe you have students who travel a lot.  Live classes mean they don’t have to miss a lesson and you don’t have to miss a payment.

Profitable Yoga: Sell online classes

Believe it or not, there are many, many people out there who prefer to practice in the comfort of their own home. This means all you have to do is record your classes to sell. Make them available for payment on such sites as or via your own website (which you will, of course, have set up when you decided to make yoga teaching your career!)

Profitable Yoga: Set up your own channel

Search for ‘yoga’ on YouTube and you will be bombarded with hundreds of videos.  Many of which will be giving away their content for free. It’s easy to create a collection of videos and set up a YouTube channel. It is possible to make it a lucrative venture. Local marketing, affiliate marketing and selling links are a few of the ways to make money on YouTube. Do your research and get filming. Just make sure to include your website link and details of the other money-making services you offer.

Profitable Yoga: Workshops

To sell workshops successfully, it will help if you have a specific niche or can organize it around a certain topic.  Pregnancy, athletics, dancers, injury recovery are all such examples. Make it a one or two-day workshop that can be sold into your local studios and/or other venues and you’re onto a winner.

Profitable Yoga: Retreats

Local or international, retreats have become very popular and if you organize them well, they can be profitable. You’ll need to crunch your numbers properly and ensure you allow for plenty of marketing but once established, retreats can be a successful income stream.

Profitable Yoga: Become a yoga writer

Thanks to its ever-increasing popularity, people are hungry for information about yoga and wellbeing. Whether it’s your local community magazine or one of the national yoga publications, writing about your favorite subject can bring in additional income.

Profitable Yoga: Teach at corporate/workplace venues

They might not be the most obvious gigs, but teaching at businesses or corporations can be lucrative and most will pay for a set number of classes upfront. It’s not just business or corporations, however. Also consider hospitals, nursing homes, country clubs, even schools. The possibilities are endless if you think creatively.

Profitable Yoga: Create a class series

Class series are a great way to boost your income. A course such as a 4-week beginners course means students sign up and pay in full for the course – in advance. It could be a beginners’ course or a niche course such as a 6-week yoga for runners course or a 21-day Ashtanga challenge. Such courses can be taught in-person, online or via download offering you multiple streams of income from one source.

Profitable Yoga:Blogging

For the same reason people read yoga magazines and articles, they also read yoga blogs, to gain knowledge and insight. Blogging can be lucrative once you’ve built an audience and can monetize your blog. It can also bring people to your business that may be willing to pay for other services. Services such as your downloadable class series, your eBook or your retreat – it’s not just blogging, it’s also marketing!

Profitable Yoga: Partner up!

Depending on your niche, skills and experience, you can make money by building partnerships with people who have related businesses. Could you team up with a nutritionist to create a comprehensive wellbeing bootcamp course? Or perhaps a meditation specialist? Such partnerships can expand and add more value to your offering making your services irresistible to punters.

Whatever you do remember this, if you’re a yoga teacher, you’re running a service company and that company requires the same attention, commitment and diligence as any other business. This means that when you’re not teaching and living your passion, you have to be thinking about the business side of your company and what opportunities you can pursue to make it a success. But it’s entirely possible. You can be a yoga teacher and make money! 

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