Love Yoga: How yoga helps you to fall in love with yourself

Love Yoga: How yoga helps you to fall in love with yourself

How yoga helps you to fall in love with yourself

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” Buddha

Do you love yoga? You might be wondering what yoga has to do with love, let alone what it is has to do with your relationship with yourself. Isn’t yoga just about bending oneself into funny positions while breathing heavily and chanting? For those not in the know, no it isn’t – not in the slightest! The greatest love story you will ever come to know is the love story you can have with yourself – and yoga.Even with all the bending and breathing, can help you love and cherish yourself in the following ways:

Love Yoga and You: By becoming healthier

A consistent yoga practice will lead to a healthier body physically by helping to increase flexibility and build stamina.  It will also encourage you to be more mindful about how you treat your body and mind. With an ongoing practice, it’s highly likely you will become more interested in eating more nutritional foods, reducing stress, meditating and generally being a lot kinder to yourself. All of these are acts of true love for yourself.

Love Yoga and You: By opening your heart

One of the foremost principles of yoga centers on acceptance of oneself and connecting to your inner truth. A regular practice can help you become more mindful and aware of yourself.  This opens a much deeper level and in turn much more accepting. This acceptance of you means that you build an abundance of self-love. You are able to give to others with an open heart more freely and richly.

Love Yoga and You: By connecting you to your inner self

Without a doubt, yoga and meditation encourage you to turn your focus inward and to listen to your deeper, more intuitive thoughts. As you gain more insight into your true nature and life longings, your values and your goals become much clearer. From such a loving, sacred place within yourself, you can make decisions about what you want, and don’t want, in life. By living such an authentic life you are showing nothing but love for yourself.

Love Yoga and You: By learning to love your body

Regardless of where you are in your practice, yoga will teach you to appreciate your body and its abilities. It’s common to start yoga and think you should immediately be able to do a backbend and when you can’t, you scold yourself for it. It doesn’t take long, however, before the essence of yoga grabs you and you become aware of the negative self talk and find a way to switch it off.  The more you turn up and tune in, the easier this gets. The more you come to see your body in a different light and realise that it is truly amazing.

Love Yoga and You: By becoming calmer

Most yoga practices incorporate meditation in some way. You might also find that as your passion for yoga builds, so does your interest in meditation.  Regularly connecting to yourself through meditative practice aids the path to self-love. This is by introducing you to your deepest self and encouraging a more mindful way of living. Meditation will help you discover your gifts and your authentic truth and help you find a way to live by these.  In turn, you will feel calmer and more at ease about your decisions in life. And when you’re on such a path, living your truth, you will feel nothing but love for yourself.

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