50 HR Yin Yoga TTC

Ocean Views Villa, Cala Saladeta Beach, Ibiza


16th – 22nd of June, 2019


We have chosen the most spectacular villa for you

Perfect Location

 This villa perfectly combines the best of both worlds, it’s peaceful and quiet with scenic views, while still being walking distance to the crystal clear waters of Cala Saladeta beach and the naturally artistic Punta Galera rock formations. There is also a bus stop nearby, taking you to the vibrant little town of San Antonio should you wish to go shopping or simply explore.

Seaviews & Sunsets

What better way to start each day than with meditation and yoga overlooking the beautiful blue ocean, and ending your day having a drink with your friends watching the sun setting over the horizon? With plenty of space for relaxing next to the pool or up on the balcony, you will be able to fully soak in the beautiful views throughout the day. 

The Rooms

Our beautiful rooms have air conditioning, comfy beds and awesome roommates. They are bright in the day and dark at night for a good nights sleep. Choose a room that suits your budget and desired level of indulgence; if you just can’t get enough of the scenery, get in quick before the Jacuzzi Room with sea views is reserved.

Package Prices

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Mandala Suite

Obviously, this is the most fun room in the villa because there are 3 beds and heaps of space so you can hang out with your new friends gossiping and laughing until the sun rises at which point you will regret staying up all night gossiping and laughing.



Surya Suite

Each of our twin rooms are bright in the day time and dark at night. They come with air-conditioning, comfy beds, a wardrobe and a friendly yoga enthusiast to hang out with.



Zen Jacuzzi Suite

This shared twin room comes with a large jacuzzi tub and a huge window overlooking tree tops and the vast blue ocean. In the evenings you will have a fantastic view of the beautiful sunsets.



Shanti Bungalow

This cute bungalow is detached from the house and looks out towards the pool area, but not in such a way that you will have people sunbathing in your doorway. Unless you invite them to, after all, we will all be good friends within a day or so.

You will have your own bathroom and kitchen in the bungalow.


*Price is for a single person in a double bed. If you wish to share the bed with a friend or partner the price is €1490p/p


Why choose our Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Deepen your understanding of Yin Yoga, expand your skills and share your gifts with others. This 7-day Yin Yoga Teacher Training is suitable for both Yoga Teachers and Students.

Are you ready to heal your body, calm your mind and nurture your spirit?

This 50 Hour Yin Immersion is all about bringing balance of Yin & Yang into your life and Ibiza is an ideal environment for this because of its world-renowned healing energy. During your stay at this beautiful villa, just a short walk from tranquil beaches, you will feel the positive effects in your life from the daily Yin Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Nidra.

Here are a few of the many reasons to choose our transformational Yin training:

 Highly qualified instructor.
 Small group, allowing for deeper experience.
 Complimentary Reiki level 1 course.
 Beautiful villa with a pool and stunning ocean and sunset views.
 Walking distance to stunning, secluded beaches.
 Delicious, healthy meals and snacks by one of Ibiza’s top chefs.
 Group excursion to our favourite beautiful, natural location.


What is Yin Yoga

Yin is a Taoist concept, which relates to the yin and yang which we know to be the two oppositions that exist in everything. Yin is stable, it is static, it is the hidden aspect of things. Yang is more about movement and change. The connective tissues in our body such as tendons, ligaments, and joint capsules are considered yin. So a yin yoga class is going to consist of poses held for a long time. You will spend a lot of time on the floor, mostly focusing on the lower part of the body such as the hips, pelvis, lower spine and thighs. They are the areas of the body that have a lot of connective tissues. Many of the poses in Yin yoga will be held for at least five minutes.


You will learn

28 Yin Yoga Poses, modifications, variations and use of props
Sequencing in Yin Yoga (themes, meridians, target areas)
Anatomy and Physiology specific to Yin Yoga
Yin & Yang Theory and Meridians
Pranayama (breathing techniques)
Yoga Nidra
 Reiki Healing


Your Lead Teacher

Patrycja Devi is the founder of the international yoga school Yogagati, having certified over 100 students. Her classes will teach you yoga as a way of life, not just a physical exercise.

Patrycja is also a qualified Pilates Instructor, Holistic Therapist and Reiki Master. She is trained in Kinesiology, Cranioscral Therapy, and  previously worked at the world renowned Aman Resorts and Six Senses Spas worldwide.


Come for the yoga and relaxation, stay for the food!

We are delighted to have world class chef, Catarina, from the Ibiza catering company Zencooks, creating her healthy food art for this training. The food standard is very high on the island of Ibiza and Catarina is one of the best. With her many followers on Instagram salivating over Catarina’s food photos every day, you will be tagging your friends in to her pictures to make them jealous of the wonderful meals you will be eating on this course. But don’t take my word for it, here are snippets from just a few of her many happy past clients:

“Those who have the chance of sitting at a table and eat food prepared with such love and commitment are aware that they’ve reached a different, higher level of understanding about the meaning of ‘pleasure of eating’”

“Wow… simply Wow. Not only is the food amazing, but the heart of the owner is felt in all of her yummy creations.”

“You are divine, your food is divine…!”

“Amazing, amazing, amazing. I wish I could continue eating her food at home.”


Yin Training at a glance

What’s Included

 6 nights accommodation
 Full Tuition Fee
 Yoga Alliance Certificate
Complimentary Reiki level 1 course
 3 meals daily plus unlimited drinking water at the villa
 Excursion to beautiful location 
 Plenty of sunshine, great new friends and good times
 WiFi, high-speed internet

What’s not included

x  Flights and transport to and from the airport
x  You can’t stay here forever 🙁

Sample Schedule

7:00am –  Yin Yoga Practice, Pranayama + Meditation

09:00am – Healthy Breakfast and break

10:30am – Lecture/ Asana Lab/ Group work

13:30pm – Lunch and break

16:00pm – Practice Teaching

17:00pm – Yin Yoga Practice + Yoga Nidra

7:00 pm –  Healthy Dinner

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